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Michanne Furstenberg

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Michanne is one of our Youth Workers at BPCC, working alongside Ben Fien, they lead a team of dedicated youth leaders who work to support our teens in grades 7-12. Michanne has a passion to see our young people become fully devoted disciples of Christ. 

Who is the captain of your soul?

Hello church family! I’ve recently been challenged between my will and God’s will. So I want to ask you as well… who is the captain of your soul? In life there are many decisions and sacrifices we have to make ranging from small daily things to life-changing choices. In the couple of seconds before you decide your answer, who’s interests influence you the most? I find that often times I am more concerned with how it will benefit me, or be advantageous for my life and sometimes those close to me. But how highly do I regard the whispers of the Holy Spirit? Even if it isn’t in line with my desires, do I still follow Jesus? Do I still submit to His plans and what will glorify Him the most even if it could mean hardships or difficulty? I visualize this as being on a boat, travelling along a river...
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Hey church family!These past few weeks I’ve just been celebrating! I’m blessed to have some of my closest friends all turn 21. Within 3 months of each other. And today (24th August) my family and I are celebrating my mother’s birthday. However, all of this ‘celebration’ has lead me to contemplate cycling to university and catching up for ‘water’ instead of coffee as my money is slowly running out. Nevertheless, this ‘celebration’ season has really made me think about our eternal celebration. It’s so exciting to go to birthday parties or weddings, enjoying everyone’s company, and just having a ball! Plus the great food! But this is just a glimpse of what it will be like when our days here on earth are done and we open our eyes, amazed and satisfied as we stare at the face of Jesus. It will be a continuous feast. A party that never ends....
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