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A note from Church Council

Dear Church Family,

Recently we sent out a survey in order to provide you with an avenue to give feedback and in order that we might continue to grow and be more effective in fulfilling our mission: ‘To make and grow disciples of Jesus Christ’.

Over the last few weeks, Church Council have been collating the results and organising them into a workable format. This process is well underway, and so I wanted to give you an update on our progress.

I am very pleased to report that the survey was filled with positive feedback and overwhelmingly demonstrated a great passion for Jesus and for his church at BPCC. In particular, the positive areas highlighted by the survey included:

  • biblically faithful teaching and a great team of pastors;
  • a strong sense of belonging to the church family;
  • a deep appreciation of the outreach into our community;
  • a wonderful children’s ministry;
  • a recognition of the value of Growth Groups;
  • along with many other areas!

Of course, the survey also provided us with areas of opportunity where we can grow and potentially make some changes. We have identified five key areas which represent growth opportunities for BPCC, and which include:

  • increasing the number of community events and activities;
  • fostering a greater level of energy in our worship services;
  • evaluating the format of sermons;
  • strengthening our youth ministry; and
  • intensifying our spiritual passion and commitment.

Let me offer a sincere ‘thank you’ for your encouragement and feedback.
We are excited about moving forward in love and unity, and working together in these key areas, so that God may be glorified and more people may come to know and follow Jesus at BPCC.

It is encouraging to note that many of the above areas have been on the mind of church leadership for some time now, which means, pleasingly, I can give you an update on some actions that have already been taken in these areas, including:

  •  In regards to youth ministry, I can confirm the appointment of a new Youth Pastor who is due to start in November this year. We also hosted a successful Youth Camp in September, which was attended by 93 students and four other QLD churches from the CRCA. In addition, the Youth Band recently led us in worship during our PM Father’s Day service.
  • We have recently implemented a change in the format of both our AM and PM services. This Sunday we are also holding an extended worship session after our AM service; please join us as we sing and praise God together!
  •  There has also been an increased focus on our community work through the continued ministry of the Community Cupboard, our involvement with Encircle (Pine Rivers Neighbourhood Centre), YAFA (Youth and Families Association), and through hosting Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings at the church. In addition, some of our BPCC Youth Leaders are involved in lunchtime groups and activities at Genesis Christian College, and of course, there is our ongoing involvement and support of ‘Chappy Breakfasts’ at Bray Park State High School. It's wonderful to be part of a church that reaches beyond its walls and into the local community.
  •  We have also increased the opportunity for our church family to connect with one another through recent events like the Astronomy Night, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Pot Luck Lunch and the upcoming Outdoor Movie Night.

Indeed, there is plenty going on, and I would like to thank you for your love, prayer, and support of BPCC and church leadership. This exercise is a great reminder of why we exist as a church and why we do what we do, which is: To make and grow disciples of Jesus Christ.

I look forward to updating you further as we continue to embed the survey feedback into our way of doing things at BPCC. Of course, we welcome feedback at any time, so please feel free to contact me or any of the other members of Church Council.

God Bless, and see you in church!

Ivor Kay

“Bringing glory to God by making disciples of Jesus Christ”

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