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A Note from Church Council

Dear Church Family,

A couple of months ago I wrote to you regarding the survey we undertook earlier this year, and at that time I gave you an update on the results and the key themes identified. In the meantime, there has been a considerable amount of work going on in the background to advance resolutions and outcomes in these key areas. The purpose of this note is to give you a further update on some of the proposed actions BPCC staff and Church Council will be putting in place.

Whilst the feedback from the survey was overwhelmingly positive there were also five key areas identified where we could grow. As a reminder, these 5 key areas were:

Increasing the number of community events and activities; 

Fostering a greater level of energy in our worship services;

Evaluating the format of sermons; 

Strengthening our youth ministry, and;

Intensifying our spiritual passion and commitment.

We are excited to share the main initiatives for each of the five key areas, which gives us all an idea of what to expect at BPCC in 2017.

Increasing the number of community events and activities

In 2017 there will be greater emphasis on post-service events to create the opportunity for fellowship and community after our worship gatherings. Specifically, on the first Sunday of each month we will hold what will be known as ‘Connect Sunday’. On a ‘Connect Sunday’ there will be a BBQ (or similar type event) after the AM service and some type of dessert (or similar type event) after the PM service. Of course, there will also be other Connect events held on Sunday’s and during the week, which will be added to the BPCC calendar.

How can you help?

We encourage you to intentionally involve yourself in the BPCC community, especially through our Connect Sunday gatherings and by attending any other social events hosted by BPCC throughout 2017.

Fostering a greater level of energy in our worship services

To keep our worship services fresh and relevant, there will be a regular review of song selection and service format. We will introduce new songs on a regular basis and have a youth-led focus and presence in our PM services.

How can you help?

Please aim to be at church on time, to not only show our commitment to God, but also to make the most of the time we have to worship God in song, in prayer, through His word, and through our giving.

Evaluating the format of sermons

The quality of our sermons and teaching was the area of BPCC that you rated the highest in the feedback we received. Nonetheless, we believe there is always room for improvement to meet the different needs within our church family. John and Adam continue to work very hard on the format and content of sermons and a key initiative in 2017 will be to vary application points and style to cater for the different demographics at AM and PM services. Also, there will continue to be different sermons preached in AM & PM services during school holidays, which amounts to about 30% of our services for the year.

How can you help?

Please pray for our pastors as they prepare to preach each week, and come to our worship services with eager and expectant hearts, ready to hear from God’s Word.

Strengthening our youth ministry

The key action in this area was to secure a new Youth Pastor and we look forward to Nathanael Remminga starting with us November 23rd. Beyond this, our intention is to actively raise the profile of youth ministry within the broader church. We intend to do this through regular updates about Youth Ministry during Sunday services and via social media.

How can you help?

Please promote BPCC Youth Ministry to young people you know. Encourage and pray for our young people, for our Youth Leaders, and for all the events, Friday night gatherings, and worship services that BPCC youth attend. Perhaps you might even consider joining the BPCC Youth Ministry team in 2017.

Intensifying our spiritual passion and commitment

There are many action items under this key area, but one exciting and practical initiative that will take effect in 2017 is the establishment of a Prayer Team — a team to pray with people before and after worship services (as well as on an ongoing basis). We will continue to host times of corporate prayer and worship throughout the year.

How can you help?

If you have a passion for prayer and to pray with and for people, please let us know as we look to establish the Prayer Team. Also, if you have prayer needs, please let the office know so they can be added to our weekly Prayer email

There are pages and pages of actions that we will put in place during 2017, but I hope this has given you a taste of some of the intended outcomes from your feedback. Personally, I look forward to seeing these actions come to life and our church growing more and more in its effectiveness for the good of our community and for the glory of God, and so that together we can continue to make and grow disciple of Jesus Christ.

As always, please feel free to raise any questions with me or any members of Church Council, and we look forward to updating you more in the future.

God bless, and see you in Church!

Ivor Kay

To make and grow disciples of Jesus Christ

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