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Hello Church

I trust and pray that 2017 has started well for you! Over the last few days the words from Pastors Adams sermon last Sunday morning continue to echo in my head – ‘What really matters in 2017?’ Such a simple question but as the push and pull of the year goes on it can be hard to remember what is really important.

Fortunately for us – God’s word continually reminds us of what our priorities need to be. In 2017 what really matters is that we get closer to God through the year and in so doing start or continue living out the plan He has for each of our lives. That plan – of course – means us being effective for His kingdom and making disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ in our circles of influence.

From a Church council point of view we are also considering what is really important for BPCC in 2017 in order to live out our mission - To make growing disciples of Jesus Christ through gospel-centered and Spirit empowered worship, community, service and mission. There will be an ongoing focus on the 5 key areas for growth that were identified in the NPS survey we did last year. You may recall that the 5 key areas were; building church community, high energy worship in our services, sermon formats, focus on our youth ministry and passionate spirituality.

Work on these key areas will continue along with all the other ‘business’ of running the church. This includes continuing to foster and facilitate growth in our wonderful staff and managing our expenses as best we can. Most importantly we need to continue to pray and trust that God will continue to grow this church and use it for His glory. Please can I ask for your continued prayers for our church – the staff, the leadership, the volunteers and the entire congregation. Pray that it may be a year where we all remember what is truly important and that individually and corporately we put God first! Also – please can I challenge you to get involved in serving in BPCC in 2017. We need your help and we would love to have it!

Lastly – I wanted to let you know that as the new year starts we are going through our usual rotations in Church council. That means my term as an elder (and therefore as Chairman) has come to an end. It has been a wonderful 4 years for me personally to serve God and our church by being on the council and an absolute privilege to have been chairman for two of those years. From the vantage point of Church council I got a first hand look at the hard work and passion of our staff and volunteers and I truly respect them and thank them for all the hard work they put into running the church.
Ferdie Kruger takes over as Council chairman in 2017 and I have no doubt that he and rest of the council will continue to diligently oversee BPCC. Please pray for Ferdie and the council as they continue their work in 2017.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support and God bless you in 2017!
See you in Church!

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