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August 2015

Here we go into August already! 2015 is moving forward quickly… Let me bring to our attention a few things we’re working toward as a church family.

First – Information Presentation with Creation Ministries International. CMI provide real-world answers to the most-asked questions in the area of Creation/evolution. CMI’s mission is to support the effective proclamation of the Gospel by providing credible answers that affirm the reliability of the Bible, in particular its Genesis history. There’s been growing interest within our community to hear more about creation vs evolution, and how our biblical world and life view can interact with the evolutionary presuppositions so readily accepted today. The date for this presentation is Wednesday 19 August, 7.00PM here in our church. Please invite your friends who have questions about creation vs evolution. For further information, please feel free to ask me personally.


Second – Update of Attenders and Members contact details. It is always a challenge to keep everybody’s contact details up to date, so we’ve come up with a plan which we would like you to help us with. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your preferred contact details: name, address, phone number, email address, and if you can, an updated photo of you and your family.

This information will be entered into our database and by the end of September, we would like to provide you with an up-to-date Church Directory. If you need a new family photo, BPCC can help! On Sunday 23rd August we all have an opportunity for professional-looking family portraits to be taken. A family portrait will cost only $15 (raising funds for Carols 2015).

Third – Our current Sermon Series: Surprised by Hope. The response to date is so encouraging! Knowing what the Bible says about the future of our world, resurrection, heaven, judgment, and hell, is obviously meeting many people’s questions and concerns. To further help us learn God’s truth on these and related topics, Pastor Adam has written a number of blogs (articles) and they are available online through our website. Here’s how you can access them

Topics include:
Doesn’t the Bible suggest this world will be destroyed?
What about those who have never heard about Jesus?
What is the millennium? What will happen before Jesus comes back?
Who or what is the antichrist?

Paper copies of these blogs will also be available at the Connections Centre.

Last! I want to share these words of wisdom I came across recently:

Advice: What we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn’t.
Age: A high price to pay for maturity.
Calories: Tiny creatures that live in your wardrobe and shrink your clothes a little every night.
Conclusion: The place you reach when you’re tired of thinking.
Experience: That marvellous thing that enables you to recognise a mistake when you make it again.
Humans: The only creatures on earth that allow their children to come back home.
Tool: An object that enables you to take advantage of the laws of physics and mechanics in such a way that you can seriously injure yourself.
Vegetarian: An old Indian word meaning “Lousy Hunter.”
X-Ray: An image often used by persons interested in becoming bone models.
Zucchini: A vegetable that can be baked, boiled, fried or steamed before the children refuse to eat it.

Reasonable Faith and Unreasonable Grace
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