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Be Rich

Our current Church wide Sermon Series “Be Rich. Do More. Give More.” is receiving positive feedback for which I am very thankful. Talking about money is a delicate challenge… people are easily offended (or embarrassed). To preach on money for four consecutive weeks is also a challenge! But necessary. Jesus taught more about money than any other subject! That’s hard to believe isn’t it? Yet it is true. Faith and finance cannot be separated.

In my study time this week, I came across this pithy truth: People who are good at being rich, pre-decide how they will use their money. How true!

Let me remind all members that Sunday 29th March following the AM Service we will hold our Annual General Meeting. In preparation, you can obtain a copy of our audited financial report for 2014, and a copy of our proposed budget for 2015 from the Connections Centre – alternatively, email the office and e-copies will be sent to you. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. At our AGM I will give a brief ministry report of the last 12 months, and plans for seeking a Connect Pastor to work alongside Pastor Jim.

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