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We have had another great year at Cadets, we regularly have 25 boys attending on a Thursday night. For those of you that don’t know Cadets is for boys from grade 2 to grade 6. We meet on a Thursday night to play games, and learn about God and how good He is to us. The boys have the opportunity to earn badges, to learn more about God’s Word, God’s World, and God’s Gifts. We have a number of camps throughout the year and try and get in a couple of activities like hiking or bike riding as well. The Cadet motto is ‘Living For Jesus’ which is something we try and show the boys by our actions and words, it is not just enough to say these words we have to live them out as well. To emphasise this, we have a theme and a mission every year. This year’s theme is about ‘Searching for the Truth’ in the bible. Our mission has been raising money to send bibles to children in Rwanda.

Last weekend we had our second camp for the year at Baden Powell Park in Samford. We had 23 boys and 17 dads/leaders attend. It was a great weekend; the boys (and Dad’s) tested their nerves on the abseiling tower. Nearly everyone had at least one go, some boys couldn’t be stopped and had 7 or 8 turns. We went swimming, sat beside the camp fire, played games, and just had a great time. We had a wonderful church service on Sunday where we learnt about the ‘Armour of God’.

New boys are always welcome to come along and join in the fun. I am also looking for extra leaders so if anyone is interested in joining the Cadet ministry please let me know.

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