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Bray Park Carols 2017

Carols is on Saturday the 2nd of December. As we’ve said before; the Carols event is an excellent opportunity for us to tangibly demonstrate God’s love to the local community and to share the life-changing message of the Gospel!

We can all be involved in supporting Carols and it is our prayer that you all know there is a way you can be involved. From praying, serving on the day, to giving and financially supporting (see giving options below). We ALL can help!

The theme of Carols this year is ‘Christmas Star’. Want to know why? In Matthew 2 we read about a star leading the magi (wise men) to Jesus. For those science loving friends there is a lot of interesting reading about the phenomenon of this star. But the long and short is that a star miraculously appeared and showed the wise men the way to Jesus. We pray that this year’s Carols ‘Christmas Star’ will also miraculously reveal Jesus to those who don’t already know him. Join us in praying for this.

GIVING OPPORTUNITIES (contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you’d like to help)

Pre-Even Sponsorship Opportunities (note- all entertainment, rides, and kids activities will be free. Food and Drinks will be sold at family friendly prices)

Jumping Castles - $660

Petting Zoo - $500

Glow Sticks - $500

Advertising - $500

Face Painting Supplies - $200

ATM Hire - $150

Donut Mix - $100

Photo Booth – SPONSORED!

Sausages & Bread – SPONSORED!

Sauce & Onion – SPONSORED!

Give Weeks (opportunity to bring goods to church to fundraise at Carols on the day) Sunday 5th – 19th November

Soft Drink Cans + Popper Juices + Water Bottles

Lucky Dip prizes for boys and girls

Lollies (to make lolly bags) + Fun Size Chocolates + Chocolate Blocks

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