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Pine Rivers Churches Care Network

Our church has been part of the Pine Rivers Churches Care Network since its inception and I have been representing us at their monthly meetings. Because I am one of the original members I was asked to speak on behalf of the group and participate in the unveiling of the plaque. The furniture shed is an extension of the emergency food relief that the churches provide. Storing furniture was a real problem so after fund raising in recent years and with community donations we were able to build the shed on land provided by the Petrie Anglican church. When you have surplus furniture in reasonable condition, please let me know and we will use it to assist families in need. Alternatively, when you hear of a family in need, check out the shed. We might be able to assist you.

Freezer Meals

As a church we provide freezer meals to families associated with us as a need arises in their life. We are always looking for people who would like to make a meal. If you know someone in need of meals, please contact the church office on 3882 1989. We are always happy to welcome new team members to this team

Community Compassion Cupboard

It is a privilege and ministry to be able to help people in their time of need. Items we could use at present include; jam, muesli bars , pasta and pasta sauce, spaghetti, baked beans, tins of tuna, tinned vegetables, long life milk, 1 kg sugars, self- rising flour, tea, coffee, dish washing liquid, shampoo and conditioner, feminine hygiene products. All of these items make up the basic food parcels we provide.

Thank you for your continued support either in providing food items or the cash donations you leave in the money tin on the food shelving.

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