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John Hoogenhout

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Connect, Grow, Serve, Go...

are four words we use to describe the way we grow as disciples of Jesus here at BPCC – all summarised in our church booklet Who We Are – available at our Church Connection Centre.

One of the ways we as a church ‘Go’ into the world with God’s love, is through our involvement and support of the New Life Orphanage in Myanmar. New Life Orphanage supports, cares and educates 170 orphans. Each year several from our church family here go to visit and take part in various teaching, and building projects. I had the opportunity to visit the orphanage a few years ago, and it was a defining moment for me – I was so impacted by the love and commitment of those who serve there. I ‘felt’ the impact of the words we read in James 1:27.

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this:
 to look after orphans and widows.

The plight of widows and orphans in James’ day was very pressing. It still is in many parts of the world, like Myanmar. Caring for the needs of those who have no voice and no power, is the very heart of God. Consider Exodus 22:22-23; Deuteronomy 10:17-19. Jesus echoed this same concern to his followers in Mark 12:38-40.

As a church, we also reach out with this same care to those in our immediate community – in fact, we partner with a number of local churches to provide emergency food parcels, counselling, and house-hold goods, via Pine Rivers Neighbourhood Centre (Encirle). Collectively we’re able to impact the lives of many orphans and widows.

In our worship services this coming Sunday, we will be specifically praying for the ongoing ministry of New Life Orphanage. 

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