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Creation Questions

Every now and then my kids ask me a question that I don't have an answer for... ok, so if I'm being honest it's probably more often than 'every now and then'

A while back, one of my boys began asking me all sorts of questions like "Were dinosaurs real? Is the earth really billions of years old? Did the ice age really happen?" They were big questions, hard questions, and my son very much wanted to know the answers. He had been having discussions with his mates at school about God and evolution and the big bang and dinosaurs and my son was trying to work out where and how the Bible's account fitted in with it all. My boy loves science and facts and numbers, as do his friends, and so he needed intelligent answers, wise answers, answers that made sense to him and that he could tell his friends. I told him I didn't know the answers to his questions, but I did know without a doubt that the Bible is God's word to us and it can be completely trusted. And I told him I would find him some answers. But where to start?

I remembered a friend telling me about some magazines her family subscribed to that talked about the world wide flood and the rapid forming of geological landscapes and intelligent design and a young earth. I was pretty sure it had something to do with Creation Ministries and so I did what everyone does when they want to know something - I googled it. And I began to find the answers! We read articles on-line, books, cartoons, watched clips, DVDs - it was all so fascinating, and my son got the answers he was looking for. His faith in the God of the Bible began to make sense in the world around him. He could knowledgeably talk with his friends about Creation and world events with confidence, knowing that what the Bible taught, was true.

We have the great pleasure of hosting Creation Ministries International at BPCC this coming Wednesday evening. I want to strongly encourage you to come along and hear a great speaker discuss Creation, Evolution and the Bible. In a world where we are continually and often un-knowingly bombarded with counter Biblical beliefs, it is so important for us as Christians to know and understand what it is we believe. And vitally important that we can equip our children with knowledge on these issues that will build confidence in them to tell others about their God. As BPCC Kidz Church and Youth group will be exploring these topics more in term 4, we would especially like to invite and encourage parents and families to attend this event. Children are welcome, although the content may be best understood by age 10+.

No doubt my kids will continue to ask me questions I don't have answers for. And I'll no doubt keep needing to research and learn. Unless of course it's anything to do with maths, in that case it's simply "Go ask your Dad".

Looking forward to learning more about God's amazing creation on Wednesday night. Hope to see you there.

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