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John Hoogenhout

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Dear Church Family

As we come to the end of the first month of this new year, I wonder how many of us have already given up on the New Year’s Resolutions we intended to pursue? Let me encourage you to stay the course! Each new day is a new beginning.

Talking about beginnings, next Sunday (1 February) we are beginning our term one Church Wide Sermon Series called “Who We Are – finding your place at BPCC.” I’m excited about this series because it aims at the heart of Jesus’ instruction to us who love him and have him directing our lives. We who love Jesus are called ‘his body,’ ‘his church.’ And, you have often heard me and many others say: “The church is the hope of the world.” Therefore, the most fundamental question any church must answer is: “Why do we exist?” This series will dive deep into Scripture to answer that question. As we do this, we will answer with crystal clarity the question: What does God want from BPCC? and, What does God want from us individually and corporately?
As we do for all Church Wide Sermon Series, we have produced a study booklet that follows each week’s sermon along with questions and family devotions to help us grow in our faith. This series will run for five weeks and I want to encourage all of us to join a Growth Group where we can meet with like-minded followers of Jesus to discuss and explore God’s Word more deeply. To register for a Growth Group, please speak to one of our Connection Centre helpers, or register online at .

Our News Letter has loads of information about the ministries we run during school term. One of these ministries is Kidz Church and is a major ‘ministry growth engine’ and very dear to my heart. I say that because faith development is critical in children’s formative years. Most of us who went to Sunday School in our childhood years remembers fondly a favourite teacher or helper who impacted our faith journey. I’m wondering if there maybe someone reading this right now who feels the nudge of God’s Spirit to join the team of Kidz Church teachers and helpers? Why not explore this further by speaking to our Children’s Ministry Coordinator (Caroline Brandon).


Connect @ BPCC

I’m also really excited to inform our church family that we now have a resident Christian Counsellor working from our church offices. Mrs Sherrie Brook has joined our Pastoral Care Team and started a private counselling practice after 14 years of counselling at Genesis Christian College. Sherrie’s pastoral sensitivity and counselling expertise will be a huge blessing to our expanding Pastoral Care Ministry.

I’m praying that this year will see us grow closer to Jesus and that we experience him more fully in our normal daily life.

In grace
John Hoogenhout

From the Community Care team
Who We Are: Finding Your Place at BPCC


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