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Expectations... And Behaviour

I’m sitting in my office reflecting on the sermon from last Sunday. Clear in my mind is the illustration that pastor John used when it comes to


We have a choice; we can “Believe the best” or “assume the worst”. It is a matter of choice.

I got to thinking of the many choices we make in life.

I can choose love;      to let the love of God flow through me to touch the lives of others.
I can choose joy;       sometimes the circumstances in life may make it difficult to be joyful but I need to remember that I still do have a choice as to how I think or act.
I choose peace;         the opposite of peace is war or maybe just a troubled mind. To be at peace with one’s self and others is a choice.
I choose patience;     this choice comes up quite often. Waiting for the lights to change when I am in a hurry. Helping my granddaughter with her homework whenI have other things I would like to be doing.
I choose kindness;     there are many opportunities to show kindness to others but it also takes time and effort. It is a choice we have to make.

The list could go on. I choose goodness, or faithfulness, gentleness, or self-control.

If you look back over this list you will discover they are the “fruit of the Spirit” the Spirit who indwells each one who has given the control of their lives over to God. With the Spirits help we can make the right choices and in doing so make a difference in the lives of others who we rub shoulders with on a daily basis.

Remember the choice is yours.
Pastor Jim

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