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We wanted to take this opportunity to share with you what is happening at GEMS and Cadets here at BPCC.2012 is shaping up to be a fantastic year for these ministries, with many great activities planned. Each year GEMS and Cadets around Australia work through a theme, this year the theme is ‘Get Wisdom” and is based on the book of Proverbs, so this year we will study the book of Proverbs helping these kids to realise that God’s wisdom is so much better than the wisdom of the world. It has been really encouraging to see the kids really digging into the word of God.

GEMS and Cadets around the country also support a mission each year. This year we will be focusing on raising money for the Bethesda Disability Centre in the SolomonIslands. As part of the mission focus for 2011/12 the kids will learn more about people with disabilities andlife in the Solomon Islands. We plan to have fundraising events throughout the year and would love for youto support these events as our goal is to help the centre to set up their own egg farm so that they can become self funded.

GEMS and Cadets meet fortnightly on a Thursday night here at the church, GEMS is for girls in grades 1-7and Cadets is boy for grades 2-7.This year at BPCC Cadets has around 25 boys attending each fortnight with 7 leaders and 5 junior leadersgiving of their time to serve in this ministry. The boys have been having a great time playing games, doingbadge work and learning more about God. This weekend they have been camping here at the church, youmay notice some of them around this morning in their uniforms. During the camp they made a visit to anArchery range, where they learnt a new skill, enjoyed some fantastic food and learnt more about God.Later this year in September (14-16), plans are already in place for a father/son camp for all the ReformedChurches of QLD. This camp is to give fathers and sons time to play and be together and also promote thecadetting program to the other churches within our state.GEMS has around 30 girls in GEMS and 5 Busy Bees (grades 1&2) with a team of 9 leaders and 3 Junior Leaders.

So far this year our girls have learnt about getting wisdom, and we have introduced them to theBethesda mission, we have also had lots of fun playing games and doing crafts. This past Thursday night weofficially welcomed 6 new GEMS and 5 new busy bees into our club, with a special candle lightingceremony, representing how we are to shine the light of Jesus throughout the world.At a national level, in June this year the leaders from all over Australia will get together for the bi-annualCounsellors Conference to be held on Mt Tamborine. At this conference the GEMS and Cadets nationalboards will be merged into one board and be officially handed over to theQLD clubs to take responsibility for the GEMS and Cadet programs. Thisis going to be a big undertaking especially for Bray Park as we will beheavily represented on the board. Please pray for the new board as theylead GEMS and Cadets into the future. Also pray for the leaders and kids at our BPCC clubs, as we continue to share the gospel, and encourage these precious children as they grow and develop into fully devoted Christ followers.

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