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2012 has been a great year for GEMS and Cadets, our primary school aged ministries for girls and boys at BPCC, we have had the privilege of leading more than 30 girls and 30 boys throughout the year. Our theme for this year has been ‘Get Wisdom: Go Beyond the Gold!’ which has involved a study of the book of Proverbs and the wisdom God imparted to King Solomon for us to learn from. It has been exciting to watch these boys and girls discovering many truths that can help them in their lives today through the book of proverbs.

Both GEMS and Cadets have learnt many new skills this year, during our Programs. The GEMS have tried their hand at baking, cross stitch and many other craft projects. They also had a fabulous time with their parents at our mother daughter night in May and our recent father daughter night in September. Cadets have also tried many new things, some of the boys have had a go at woodworking, cooking, metalworking and discovering their musical side. Not to mention all the activities the boys and their dads have been involved in during their camps.

It may sound like all we do at GEMS and Cadets is have fun, and while that may be true, we do have a lot of fun together with the kids. The GEMS and Cadet programs are about more than just having fun, the programs are designed to help these kids discover who they are in Christ and how they fit into God’s family. GEMS and Cadets also provides a safe welcoming environment for boys and girls to invite their friends to hear about Jesus for the first time and for these kids to develop supportive relationships with their peers and with adults.

Please continue to pray for our leadership teams as we near the end of 2012, and head into 2013. Please also pray for these young boys and girls as they grow and discover who they are. We have quite a few children attending from our local community and we have been able to help support some of these kids and families as they are going through family challenges and changes.



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