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John Hoogenhout

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Next Sunday (2nd February) we will launch into our church-wide sermon series “GOD’S MISSION, OUR MISSION.” I am really excited about this series and I am praying that it will help clarify the vision and direction of BPCC and that it will spur all of us on to contin-ue the mission that God has called us to – to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Why I’m so keen for this series is because not only will we be looking at where we believe God is leading BPCC, but we will also be encouraging everyone to join a Growth Group! Growth Groups are smaller gatherings during the week where you will have the opportunity for fellowship, care, accountability and Bible study. There will be Growth Group booklets available at the Connections Centre which have further information about the sermons, discussion questions, and recommended reading. Make sure you grab one!

This year we will intentionally promote the need and benefit of Growth Groups as we strongly believe that Growth Groups are the key to becoming part of the community at BPCC. In fact, doing life in community with other believers is how you will grow in your love for Jesus and others. My personal prayer is that we will see many people from BPCC, from all generations meeting in Growth Groups in 2014 and beyond. Elsewhere in this bulletin you will find a Growth Groups Sign Up form, or you can sign up online at


Café Church will remain in recess and worship with AM Church as we go through this new church-wide series. Each message in this series will be repeated in PM Church and Growth Groups will also be promoted there. Our motive for this is to align our respective congregations to the same intentional focus – that God’s Mission is Our Mission.

The reason we’re doing this comes from pondering these questions: What does God want BPCC to do? Why do we exist? This is perhaps the most important question we could ask ourselves, especially at the start of this new year. We strongly believe the answer to that question is very simple. God is calling us to join His mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

So, we’re going on a church-wide 5 week journey as we discover to-gether how we will do that and what we hope to see God do through BPCC in 2014 and beyond.

Pastor John

This time of year is known as Advent


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