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Children are a blessing and a gift from the Lord.

This week, Carla and I became grandparents for the eighth time! Amazing. We are blessed – and so, so thankful! I’m reminded of two Scriptures concerning children.

Children are a blessing and a gift from the Lord. (Ps.127:3)

Grandchildren are the crowning glory of the aged. (Pr.17:6)

As a grandfather, and father, I have been reflecting on the ‘position’ or ‘responsibility’ and ‘privilege’ of being a grandfather/father. It’s huge! It’s serious. And it’s awesome!

So when the following 12 points came my way via a weekly blog I subscribe to focused on parenting, I took special notice… and I’d like to share this with especially Dads and Granddads. It is written specifically with daughters and granddaughters in mind. These points are written by a Dad on the birthday of his daughter – he penned 12 honours that God bestows on Dads.

1.The world is a dangerous place, and a daddy is commissioned to protect his daughter from harm.

2.By providing for her practical and emotional needs, a daddy creates an environment in which his daughter can flourish.

3.A daddy provides appropriate male affection that helps safeguard a girl from seeking it elsewhere.

4.In loving her mom, a dad sets a pattern of what a healthy relationship should look like.

5.Since they are both called “father”, a daddy can help a girl understand the love of her heavenly Father.

6.In a world filled with confusion and manipulation, a daddy can help a girl understand her true identity and value. 

 7.By having fun with his daughter, a daddy nurtures a relationship in which she wants to spend time with him.

8.By being a teacher to his girl, a daddy can help her navigate the practical issues of life.

9.As her first pastor, a daddy introduces his daughter to Jesus, the Bible, prayer, and church.

10.By knowing and encouraging his daughter, a daddy can help her be secure in who God made her to be. 

11.By acknowledging his own faults, flaws, and failures, a daddy helps his daughter learn how to be honest about her own struggles. 

12.In accepting his daughter as a gift from the Lord, a daddy sees her as a treasure and helps her to also see herself as a treasure. 

My hope is that being reminded of these honours a Dad has, we will pray for all the Dads in our church, encourage them and thank them for the awesome role they have – simply because they are Dads!

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