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Growth Groups

At BPCC we want to do our Christian walk together, we believe each one of us is on a journey, where we are being called to continually CONNECT with God and with people, TO GROW in our relationship with Christ, TO SERVE God with the gifts and abilities he has given us, and TO GO into our circles of influence and share the Gospel of Christ to those who don’t yet know him.

Today I want to talk to you about Growth Groups, you will have heard a bit about them lately. We believe that Growth Groups are a great way to journey together, on our Christian walk.


Growth Groups provide a place where you make real friendships with other believers, and grow in your relationship with Christ.

 grow Growth Groups provide a place where you can study God’s word and be challenged to dig deeper and apply what you have learnt to your lives. They can also provide accountability to your Christian walk.
 serve Growth Groups can meet the needs of their members, by providing care and support, your group may also to decide to serve together for a specific project or need. 
 go In your Growth Group, you can support each other in sharing the gospel with those you do life with, through prayer and encouragement. You may also decide to reach out into our community together as a Growth Group

Now these are just a few benefits of belonging to a Growth Groups, there are many more! At BPCC our Growth Groups meet during our teaching series, our next series starts on the 13th July, and is preached in both AM and PM services, this series will also be taught across our Kidz church ministries. Our GENESIS Stories of Grace series will run for 10 weeks.

Can I challenge you to give a growth group a go, this series?

How to do you join a growth group?

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: /grow
In person: visit the Connections Centre on a Sunday or visit the church office
Phone: 3882 1989

Stories of Grace
Jesus, Porky Pig, and You


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