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Growth Groups mushroomed this week!

Growth Groups mushroomed this week! A stack of people decided to join a Growth Group for the next five weeks as we continue our new series: God’s Mission, Our Mission. I’m so encouraged by this because when groups of people get together to study God’s word and pray for one another, then life change happens. And, as relationships grow in these settings, then the fruit of belonging and caring heightens. Then the influence and impact of the Church spreads. This brings glory to God and extends His kingdom.

Today’s message is the second in this new series and focuses on worship. In our Growth Group booklet accompanying this series, it says: All human beings worship. Whether religious or irreligious, we have all identified something or someone that we believe is worthy of our time, money and the meditations of our heart. But we were made to worship only one thing: our Creator. In this sermon we will discover how BPCC – you and I – have been called to worship God alone for His glory and for the good of our community. I’m praying we will realise afresh, just how worthy God is of our worship.

Friday night saw our High School Youth Groups start for the new year. We have two groups – grades 7-9 (the Rising), and grades 10-12 (Senior MOB). I’m really pleased to be able to report that the leaders for both groups are very committed in providing both a fun environment and place for teens to learn more about Jesus. This is an intentional aspect of our Youth Group ministries. Jnr Kidz Church (age 3 to prep), Kidz Church (year 1-6) and GEMS (girls year 1-7) and Cadets (boys year 2-7) have also launched into the new year – please, pray for our kids and the leaders that put so much energy into loving and encouraging them.

May God’s grace continue to transform us into difference making disciples of Jesus Christ!
Pastor John

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