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Happy Fathers Day

This weekend we celebrate Dads. In our household that usually involves some sort of meal of pancakes and strawberries, and a lot of sweet cards and messages and things made at school or bought from the craft stall. All but one of our kids love strawberries, they get that from their Dad. In fact, when I look at my kids I can often see their Dad in them, especially as they are growing older. I can see my husband's kind heart, his sense of humour and fun, his gentleness, love of music, intelligence......and it makes me happy and proud. So I guess in many ways my children mirror their father. If you get to know my kids, then you also get to know a little of what their father is like.

My husband however isn't perfect, neither is my Dad and neither is yours. In fact, maybe your Dad was or is someone you would rather not have in your life. I know this is a reality for some people. But let's hold on to the following truth....we all have a heavenly Father who loves more abundantly than any earthly Father ever could (1 John 3:1), who gives more generously than any earthly Father ever could (Matt 7:11), who forgives more graciously than any earthly Father ever could (Psalm 103:12). And He calls us His children.

We are all called to mirror our heavenly Father. In the same way children mirror their parents, so we are to mirror God. In Max Lucado's book "It's Not About Me" he likens our role to the moon. "What does the moon do? She generates no light. Apart from the sun, the moon is nothing more than a pitch-black, pockmarked rock. But properly positioned, the moon beams. Let her do what she was made to do, and a clod of dirt becomes a source of inspiration...The moon reflects the greater light". God is the greater light.

Matt 5:16 talks about others seeing our light and our good deeds and praising our Father in heaven. So when we show kindness, love, forgiveness, mercy to others, they get a glimpse of the character of God. It's not about us being good, and getting acknowledged for doing good things, it's all about God. We exist to make God BIG.

So as I finalize arrangements to get back a cricket bat that one of my boys left on the south side on the weekend, I can only shake my head and say "If only they hadn't inherited my husband's forgetfulness"

Happy Father's Day.

Dear Church Family
Well Done


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