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How observant are you?

Have you ever heard the statement, “you have not because you ask not? I thought it came from the Bible but now I am not sure.

As you enter the church through the front foyer there is a trolley on which people place food for distribution to needy families in our area. Well this trolley has been a challenge to the ushers who move it to open and close the doors. Well I showed it to Kevin Dekker and asked for help. Within two days is was reborn and looks 100% and moves in all directions. Please also note we have added a donation box for the people who remember that they forgot to shop for the food cupboard. One of the care team will now shop for you, so please use the donation tin. Thank You.

This week we had a young man front for a food parcel. He and his partner have 4 children under five. The Electricity account and the water bill arrived at the same time and he was embarrassed to have to ask for food for his family, so he could pay the accounts.

That reminded me that we are running a CAP Money budgeting course starting Wednesday Night 5th June at 7.30pm. This is a three week course and many people have been blessed by attending on previous occasions.

Not only is the course designed to help people better manage their finances and get themselves out of debt but it will also help people save for future needs. There is no cost involved only the time you invest. The rewards include peace of mind in knowing that you control your finances and they do not control you.

Please register at the connections desk or the church office. We are limited to ten families.

Pentecost Sunday
How do you keep air in your spiritual tyres?


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