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Everyone at Kidz church knows term 3 is my favourite term of the whole year. Why? Because we pack shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child! I just love that we get to be part of this amazing mercy project that impacts so many lives. Many of the children who receive these boxes may be forgotten by the world, but each and every one of them is precious to our God.

I recently read and shared a Samaritan’s Purse article on Facebook entitled “Just One More”. It spoke of a lady who, with the help of her church had packed 110 shoeboxes, a nice even amount. On the day the boxes were to be sent off on the next stage of their journey, she discovered she had enough to pack just one more box, and so she did. They finished up with 111 boxes. This idea of ‘just one more’ stuck with her.

The article went on to say “I began to imagine a group of 110 excited kids receiving a shoebox filled with love and gifts. A little way to the side is a shy little kid, wistfully watching all the excitement. He or she doesn’t have a shoebox because there were only 110. The volunteer giving them out sees the child about to turn away and go, but suddenly realises, “But there’s one more! And it’s just for you!”

One more doesn’t sound like much in the scheme of things, but to that one child who receives it, it is everything. It’s a message that speaks God’s truth – you are loved, you are precious, you are not forgotten.

There’s still time to pack a shoebox. You can pick one up from the Connections Centre along with all the info you need regarding what to pack and how to pay for the postage. Or alternatively go to the Samaritans Purse website. The absolute last day to bring them in is Sunday 23rd October.

Will you pack just one more?

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