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Looking Forward to Term Two

Welcome to the new month of April, in which we remember and celebrate Easter.
Easter is the most significant event in the Christian faith! It is also the event Jesus told his followers to remember and celebrate (cf. Luke 22:14-20). Special services will be held Good Friday 9.00AM and Easter Sunday 9.00AM followed by our Easter on the Lawn celebration to which we invite our community. Invitation cards are available from the Connection Centre for you to share with friends and neighbours. Please take advantage of this opportunity to promote God’s love for His world this Easter.
We also come to the end of Term One for our schools. Can you believe how quickly time moves along? As we gear up for Term Two, a number of exciting Wednesday Night Growth Courses are planned. In this News Letter you will find further information. Please use the relevant courses to invite friends to attend and learn more about our church etc. 
Coming up too in Term Two is our new Sermon Series which looks at the New Testament letter of James. Growth Group guides have been produced with helpful insights to help us live our faith effectively. James is one of my favourite Bible books. Let me share something from the sermon Growth Group guide:
The letter of James presents a clear and a bold challenge for Christians to walk the talk. It presents a challenge for believers to live out the faith we profess in the realities of our everyday lives. In fact, in the 5 short chapters that comprise the letter of James, there are no less than 59 commands. These commands are an undeniable call from God for us to walk in true faith and genuine obedience, so that we not only believe in Jesus and talk about Jesus, but also—in God’s strength and in light of God’s grace—strive to live like Jesus. Join us for the next 9-weeks as we submit ourselves to God’s Word through the letter of James, and allow Him to make us more like Jesus for the good of our community and the glory of His name.
When God paints outside the lines
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