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Mid Year mark

Hi Church

This coming weekend sees us hit the mid-year mark! Can you believe half of 2013 will be behind us? I’m hoping you are all keeping well physically and spiritually as we balance the many responsibilities we face in this hurry-up world we’re living in. I’ve been thinking about our Sunday Worship Services and the sermons our preaching team preach: Are they helping us in our busy lives to stay focused on what’s important and close to our Lord and Leader Jesus Christ? In other words: Are our services and sermons helpful?

Our current sermon series in AM Church is focusing on the life and ministry of the Old Testament character Elijah – the no-nonsense, uncultured, unsophisticated prophet of God who has the bedside manner of John Wayne! I like the man! So far we’ve been reminded through studying his life: (1) to stand up for right; (2) to stay the course – choose to ‘turn right’ when life’s challenges take you into a ‘T-intersection.’ Coming Sunday we see how absolutely true this fact is: God is boss! He is in charge and He is in control. My prayer is that from knowing more about Elijah, you and I will make the latter half of 2013 go better!

In PM Church we’ve been studying the New Testament book Colossians – the series is called: Jesus + Nothing = Everything. We’re going thru this short book verse by verse, and the feedback has been very encouraging. To know that with Jesus leading your life you will do life successfully is so comforting and empowering. We have three more sermons in this series, and after that we’re planning a 4 week series we’ve titled: unChristian. Our intent is to help us live as effective Christ-followers in normal day to day living.

Café Church runs concurrent with AM Church in the Staff Room of Genesis Christian College. As well as serving good coffee and food, the DVD sermons are of series preached in AM Church a few weeks earlier. Coming Sunday we’ll start with sermon 1 in the Elijah series – to stand up for right.

Let’s not forget Kidz Church – they too have their own worship services before the kids go to their respective classes for age appropriate activities. Parents are welcome to share a Sunday Worship Service with their children – you’ll be amazed at how meaningful these services are for children. Our Kidz Church leaders and teachers are absolutely amazing!

Let me end by telling you what I’m starting to work on for a future AM Church and Café Church sermon series: Family. Marriage. Child-raising. We’ll probably call the series The Strong Family, because I want us to learn from God’s Word what makes a family strong? I’m telling you this because I’d like you to pray for me as I study and look for resources. Author and preacher Chuck Swindoll sums it up perfectly: Effective family life does not just happen; it’s the result of deliberate intention, determination, and practice. I know of no realm of life that can provide more companionship in a lonely world or greater feelings of security and purpose in chaotic times than the close ties of a strong family.

So, here we go into the second half of 2013. Stay focused friends.

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