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According to a report by the Australian DEWHA on National Waste, approximately 8 to 10 billion dollars of food is wasted each year in commercial and residential waste. That’s around four million tons of food that ends up as landfill. I know a lot of this would come from Supermarkets but the average household also experiences some wastage. Check your cupboard or refrigerator and tell if this is not so. One simple solution is to buy to a menu. This is just one of the things people learn as they share in a group discussion as part of a CAP Money Course.

For three years now I have been running CAP Money Courses and many people have been blessed by adopting the ideas they have learned. Ann and I have been living to our budget using CAP Money principles and are pleased with the control we now have over our finances. Why not join the group starting on Wednesday 6th May, 7.15 pm here at BPCC.

As a church we benefit from the work of an organization called OZ Harvest who collect food from various sources and distribute it to churches and organizations that in turn pass it on to needy families. Each Wednesday we provide emergency relief food parcels from our church. This week I spoke to a single mum with two children who is doing it tough. We blessed her with food that will save her some money that she can use to pay overdue bills.

I heard that OZ Harvest is looking for volunteers to offside to the van drivers as they collect and distribute food. If you have a day a week maybe this is a ministry you could assist with?
Ben will be telling you this Sunday about another outreach to students who attend school without having breakfast. This is a real blessing to these students and another ministry we can support.
Please continue to pray for ministries that outreach to people in need.

Pastor Jim.

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