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Personal message to my church family…

Last Sunday I announced to the church that at the end of March 2018, I will retire as Snr Pastor. 31 March 2018 will be my last official day in the office as I will be taking some leave. My decision to do this comes about because of continuing health challenges which prevent me from functioning as effectively as I need to in this role. I assure you, my decision has involved much prayer, medical advice, and wise counsel.

Carla and I are not leaving – we will continue to worship and serve here in our church family. We love BPCC!

Church Council have been very supportive as I’ve wrestled with this decision. We have also been working for many months on the succession plan of my replacement, which is the recommendation that Adam Schoenmaker become Snr Pastor to continue leading our church and wonderfully gifted ministry leadership team. We have no doubt Adam has the skills and gifting to lead BPCC into the future.

In light of our recommendation that Adam transitions into the role of Snr Pastor, Church Council ask that you would pray for our leadership transition process, and on Sunday 11th February, affirm Adam’s call into this role by a congregational vote of affirmation which will be held after both AM & PM services.

Pastor John

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