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This Sunday in our morning church service we celebrate and acknowledge the end of a season for our grade 6 children. Their time at Kidz church has come to an end. A number of them have been with us at Kidz church for the last 6 years, while others have come along the way. A time like this causes me to reflect on the journey they’ve travelled so far and to envisage what lies ahead of them. Kidz Church, like all of our Children’s Ministries at BPCC is a place our children will hear the gospel message, that Jesus died for their sins, that God loves them abundantly and that we are to love and care for others. The teaching comes through caring leaders who all have their own story or journey and they share and lead from their experiences. They speak truths about God from scripture and from their own life. And our children get to hear, see and taste God from others who are further along the road. For church kids it can be especially meaningful to hear about God from adults who are not their parents. Children in Christian families grow up hearing about God from their parents, and that is essential. But as they grow and become independent, we want them to be surrounded by adults who are giving the same message of hope that we are. We want our children to see that the transforming message of Jesus is something that is not unique to their own family but that they are part of a wider community of believers. In a formal sense, this is achieved at Kidz church, GEMS, Cadets, Youth group and church services. But this also happens naturally, through casual conversation and interactions. Can I encourage you to come alongside these children and all young people who are growing up in our church? Plant seeds. Be part of their journey. Inspire them. Give words of encouragement. And most of all, pray for our young people. Like Old Testament Daniel they will be faced with tough decisions and we want them to be bold and strong in Christ. And a special message to our 2016 grade 6s – we have loved having you with us at Kidz church. We hope and pray that you will hold firm to the knowledge that God’s word and His truth is dependable and will never change. And that God loves you, no matter what. Caroline
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