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Reflections on Motherhood

Ahhh, motherhood…

This past week has seen my eldest turn 21, and throughout those 21 years of being a mum, there have been times it has felt like being on a roller-coaster. When I look back, I think of the many joy-filled, fun times I have shared with my kids. I remember the joy it gave me to see them master a new skill or develop a God-given gift and then use it for God’s glory. Or I remember with fondness when I witnessed them show kindness or encouragement to others.

But I also remember the not-so-fun times. If you’re a mum, you know the times I’m referring to! I remember the endless questions, the sticky fingers, the sleepless nights, the constant interruptions, the overly dramatic tantrums, and the continual correction and teaching that was required. I remember never getting a minute to myself and I remember the sheer and utter exhaustion I often felt when my children were younger.

But I also remember a radio program that helped me greatly in my journey of motherhood in those early years. Put simply, it reminded me that if anyone knew what it felt like to be a mother, it was Jesus. During Jesus' time ministering on earth, he also experienced endless questions from his disciples, people crowding around him and wanting to touch him, he experienced sleepless nights, tantrums and was constantly teaching and correcting those around him. This truth was a great encouragement to me back when my kids were little, and it still is today. It reassures me to know that Jesus understands the pressures of motherhood. And it is comforting to know that I can bring all of my feelings of inadequacy, my worries, my frustrations, my pain and my joys to Him in prayer, because He understands, and because He is always there. I encourage you to search the Gospels; to read and reflect on how Jesus lived and how His life might encourage you.

I know that God has made me a parent to my children. He has given them to me in order that I might love them, teach them, and equip them to follow Him with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. And I know that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

Mothers, I want to wish you a Happy Mothers Day, and I want to encourage you to humble yourself before Jesus, to trust Him, and to know that He will help you along your journey of motherhood.

God bless,


Victory in Christ
Thank You to all who Serve


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