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Set Free

Next Sunday we start our new church wide sermon series where we’ll be unpacking one of the greatest chapters in the whole Bible – Romans 8. We’re calling this series Set Free.

Romans 8 is a treasure trove of life-changing truth. It begins with ‘no con-demnation’ and ends with ‘no separation.’ Nowhere else in the Bible do we find anything to match the power and beauty of this remarkable chapter. In fact, some have described this one chapter as the ‘Mt. Everest’ of Scrip-ture. As we scale this magnificent Scriptural peak together, we will discover how it beckons us into true freedom: The freedom of life in the Spirit, victory over sin, adoption into God’s family, endurance through present sufferings and in all things, freedom to praise God for His unfathomable love revealed to us in Christ Jesus. Indeed, in this 4 week series we will see that because of Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit we have truly been… SET FREE.

I’m really encouraged with all the Growth Group activity that’s going on this year. No doubt our sermon series Growth Group Study Booklets are helping us understand what we’re hearing in our sermons and discussing in our groups. The group that Carla and I are involved in have four attending from PM Church and eleven from AM Church – it’s great getting to know these people more personally. I love hearing others life stories and how they came to experience God’s love through Jesus.

In the Growth Group booklets for our new series SET FREE, we’ve include a FAMILY GROWTH section for families with children. with age appropriate questions. Week one even includes a You Tube clip for families to watch. My prayer is that this will help busy families with children spend regular time together reading and discussing God’s Word.

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