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Stories of Grace

Have you heard the acronym based on the word GRACE, “God’s Riches at Christ’s Expense”? Most of us have experienced God’s Grace as a result of someone sharing the Gospel message with us. For me it was my Sunday school teacher and the speaker at a youth camp. As I look back on my life many other people have guided me on my spiritual journey.

Commencing Sunday 13the July Pastors John, Adam and Jack DeVries will be taking us through a new series titled “GENESIS, stories of GRACE”. The office has produced an attractive card which you can use to invite someone to join you in attending church (they are available from the Connections Centre) and listening to the GRACE stories in the series. Please remember that the same sermon is being preached at AM as well as PM services, so if you have a family or sporting commitment during the day you can still hear the message at night.

At my growth group we had a new family join us for the last series. They have enjoyed our company and the study and are planning to come back again for the next series.

If you have not joined a growth group for whatever reason, can I encourage you to do so now by visiting the Connection Centre on a Sunday or contacting the office for times and areas where groups are meeting. Getting to know likeminded people who will pray for you and encourage you in your Christian walk is a blessing and you can also be a blessing to others at the same time.

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