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Three Things

1) I’m looking forward to our first Christianity Explained session scheduled for coming Tuesday (3 June), 7.30PM my study, Church Admin buildiing. Christianity Explained is a six week course where the basics of the Christian faith are explained by working through the gospel of Mark. Here’s what the back page of the course manual says:

Today, many people are ignorant of even the basic facts of the Christian faith. Many people think they have made a ‘decision for Christ’ but do not really understand what faith is. Their greatest need is to have it simply and clearly explained…

Christianity Explained gets away from the quick one-off presentation of the gospel which has characterised much of our evangelistic efforts in the past. Based on six studies in the Gospel of Mark, this manual is a tried and tested tool for evangelism. It presents the challenge of Jesus in a way which is non-threatening, and concentrates on the facts about the person and work of Christ. The course makes no assumptions about the hearer’s level of Bible knowledge, which may be minimal or non-existent. During the course, participants will be invited to discuss and question what they are hearing. But the time they have completed the six studies, they will have been challenged to repentance, belief and a trust in Jesus Christ.

This simple but effective tool has been in use throughout the world for the last 20 years.

Would you like to join me for this course? Maybe you know of someone who may be interested to know more about the Christian faith. I’m really keen to share this course with you all. We will start at 7.30 & finish at 9.00 sharp.

2) Letters of appreciation to our church community have been received expressing sincere appreciation for help our church has given in some way. Included are: our Solomon Islands mission whom we raised $5000 for following their recent devastating floods. As well, through our Deacons and Mercy Ministry Team, financial assistance was given to four families in our church. They have all asked that their sincere appreciation is passed on – thank you church! Our community-cupboard continues to provide food hampers to needy families in the wider community.

3) Church Planting within the CRCA. The denomination we are a part of is committed to church planting on a national scale, and currently there are 10 churches being planted within a number of States. To help see these church plants fulfil their mission, we will hold a special offering for this work coming Sunday, June 8, which is Pentecost Sunday – the day we remember the Holy Spirit descending on the church (Acts 2).

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