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What I learnt from my time at Tamworth

As part of my studies at Brisbane School of Theology (BST), I was recently involved in a ‘mission trip’ to Tamworth in regional NSW, where we supported one of the local Anglican churches for 9 days. It was an incredible experience and one that helped me to understand other church traditions, foster strong relationships with fellow students, and also to grow in my own experience of Christ.

There is so much that I could share but one night in particular stands out to me. This particular morning I had shared my testimony at the Church we were supporting and one of the locals (his name was Mark) approached me afterwards and invited me over for dinner. What really struck me was Mark’s sincerity! He really meant what he said and also offered to help me out with food or anything I might need during the week.

Later that day he texted me explaining that he also had a few young adults coming over for dinner as well and would love it if I could share a message/testimony with them as well. I ended up accepting the invitation and brought one of my mates from BST along with me. It was a fantastic night and we were very well taken care of. The funny thing is that even though he asked me to ‘teach/share’ something with them, they were the ones who taught me. I was supposed to be the ‘missionary’ from Brisbane but in reality these everyday followers of Christ were ministering to me. Their generosity and love really encouraged my faith and this taught me not to overlook what we have to offer as every-day, ordinary believers. Sometimes we think that we can only make an impact if we get on a huge stage and share an inspiring message to thousands of people. Yet God often works so powerfully through the simple acts of generosity and kindness that we offer each day. He uses every-day, ordinary people. People like you and me.

So BPCC, if there is something I can share with you from my time at Tamworth, it is to be more like Mark. Use what you have to make a difference for the glory of God and for the good of our community. It can have more of an impact than you might think.


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