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What really matters this Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day… It’s all about flowers, breakfast in bed, sticky cuddles, and relaxing, right? Well, my Mother’s Day this year will see me getting up in the dark and taking part in a charity walk with my eldest daughter. The things we do for our kids, hey!
Let’s face it, parents do a lot for their children. And those things change over time. When my children were little I did a lot of practical things for them; I fed them, changed nappies, cleaned faces, wiped noses, carried them around, helped them sleep… I feel tired just remembering how long some of those days were when my children were babies and how physically tired I was.
Now that my children are a bit older what I do for them has changed quite a bit.  Now I go on crazy water slides with them (even though I really don’t want to!). But I do it just to see their faces light up. Or I try and keep up with what’s going on in the sporting/gaming/music world so I can have something to talk with them about. I get out of bed early in the morning to exercise with them, so that we can have some time together before they go to school. By the way, planking hurts!
Mums (and Dads) have a lot of critics. Everywhere you turn there’s advice and opinions about parenting and mothering. “Only give your baby organic food.” “Limit your child’s screen time.” “Don’t let your child sleep in your bed.” “Don’t give your baby a dummy.” OK, maybe I should have listened to that one. But there is a very long and seemingly impossible list of responsibilities a mother is expected to bear. So, what is important?
Primarily, as parents, we want our children to know God and to walk in relationship with our Saviour. John Westerhoff in his writings on Faith Development has said that the experiences and interactions that babies and young children have with their closest carers (Mum and Dad) are an integral part of developing their own faith. Your children will first experience God, who He is and what He is like, through you. When you cuddle them, you are showing them that God is loving. When you care for them when they’re sick or hurt, you are showing them that God is kind. What an incredibly humbling and yet encouraging thought.
So, whatever it is we are busy doing for our kids, let’s pray that God would allow our children to see Him through us. And let’s remember to pray for each other.
Mums, you are doing an amazing job of loving your children and showing them a glimpse of their Heavenly Father’s character. Happy Mother’s Day!
Oh, and don’t feel too sorry for me this Mother’s Day. We are planning a late brunch at a lovely spot at Sandgate once the walk is over. Time with my beautiful family, what more could I want?
God bless,

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