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Who is the captain of your soul?

Hello church family!

I’ve recently been challenged between my will and God’s will. So I want to ask you as well… who is the captain of your soul?

In life there are many decisions and sacrifices we have to make ranging from small daily things to life-changing choices. In the couple of seconds before you decide your answer, who’s interests influence you the most? I find that often times I am more concerned with how it will benefit me, or be advantageous for my life and sometimes those close to me. But how highly do I regard the whispers of the Holy Spirit? Even if it isn’t in line with my desires, do I still follow Jesus? Do I still submit to His plans and what will glorify Him the most even if it could mean hardships or difficulty?

I visualize this as being on a boat, travelling along a river that splits into two directions. On the left there are storms and fog, on the right there is sunshine and still waters. If Jesus was on your boat and it veered to the left, would you choose to go with him and enter into the dark? Or would you get on a life boat by yourself and choose the safe side?

May we always choose to follow Jesus. Whether it is through dark times, rainy days or even sunshine. Let our hearts stay humble and submissive to His will above our own. I’ll leave you with the lyrics from the Hillsong song- Captain:

Through waters uncharted my soul will embark I'll follow Your voice straight into the dark And if from the course You intend I depart Speak to the sails of my wandering heart
During this week, take some time to reflect on these questions as we continue to make decisions, big and small, every day.

Be blessed and love to you all,

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