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Who We Are: Finding Your Place at BPCC

Do you believe it is your responsibility to help make BPCC a healthy church? Do you believe it is your responsibility to do more than just attend BPCC, but also to belong and to contribute? If you are a Christian, we believe that it is! Jesus commands all of us to make disciples (Matt. 28:18-20). Peter says we are to use our gifts to serve others (1 Pet. 4:10). Paul tells us to speak the truth in love so that we will become mature (Eph. 4:13-15). Indeed, the consistent witness of the New Testament is that it is our collective responsibility to build BPCC into a fruitful, faithful, and loving church. What a joy! What a responsibility!

And so, this Sunday we launch into a new 5-week sermon series titled ‘Who We Are: Finding Your Place at BPCC’. The heart behind this series is a desire to see everyone who calls BPCC “their church” discover the life-giving purpose and Christ-exalting significance of being intentionally and actively plugged into the people of God.

Now, of course, in recent years the church (broadly) has been getting some bad press, both from outside and inside its walls. Outside, the church has been dismissed as mostly irrelevant, usually boring, and so, to be avoided. Inside, many believers seem to have relegated the church to the periphery of their lives. It is a kind of luxury, somewhere nice to attend, when I’m not to tired or busy. But friends, the church of the living God is not irrelevant or peripheral, it is central. In fact, the church is central, not only to what God wants to do in your life, but what He wants to do in the whole world!

And so, throughout this series we want to try and answer the critically important question: What does God want from BPCC? And by BPCC, we mean you, and me, and all of us together. You see, together we are the family of God (Eph. 2:19), the people of God (1 Pet. 2:10), the body of Christ (1 Cor. 12:12-31) and the bride of Christ (Rev. 21:2, 9). In short, we are the church. And as we shall discover, God is calling us to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the good of our community and the glory of God. God is calling us to get involved in His mission of restoring and reconciling a lost and broken world to Himself (2 Cor. 5:17-20). This is not just the mission of the “pastors”. This is your mission. This is my mission. This is our mission. So, let me invite you, encourage you, even urge you to come along for the next five weeks as we discover together who we are and what God is calling us to do.

Grace and peace,

Dear Church Family
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