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Words, Words

Words are powerful. Some linger in the back of our minds, others bring a smile to our face. Some words we wish we would have said, and others we wish we didn’t. A chat with a close friend warms our hearts, even though miles may separate us.
Yet over the years, we have somehow grown to accept the current reality of friendship as it is expressed today—a reality that will likely remain for sometime. Texts, emails, Facebook messages, and the occasional phone calls are our primary modes of communication these days, and I've accepted that. I might even go so far to say that, most days, I am used to it.
But while I may have accepted it, that doesn't mean at times I wish things were different; that we lived closer, that we saw each other more often, that we weren't so busy. Sometimes we only have a few words to say.  
Has it been a while since you spoke to that friend?
Have a chat, reconnect, take some time to share some words and make the most of every opportunity.
 Get wisdom, get understanding;  do not forget my words or turn away from them.  Prov 4:5
Michael Thurlow – Connect Pastor BPCC
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